For computer experts, their computer might become quite unstable and degrade in performance after frequently installed and uninstalled different applications and games. Even after these software programs were completely removed from the system, the PC might still not be able to return to the original performance before installing them. In the extreme situation, these computers could experience crash every now and then. The traditional solution to these problems is to reconfigure the computer all together, and even for the most advance users, the whole process might take up to few hours to set up their ideal configuration.

Systurns simple recovery function restores the computer to its original state instantly, without any software’s orphaned programs. You do not need to reconfigure the computer whenever the performance has degraded. Computer experts can install and test various application and game software without worries. Whenever the users are happy with their system performance or install some programs that are necessary to use for a period of time, they can create a new recovery point based the current set up.

Besides, with the “free switch between recovery points” feature of “Systurns”, the computer state can be rapidly switched back and forth between different recovery points without affecting each other. For computer experts, this feature makes it easy to do tests on various computer environments without repeatedly removing and re-installing the relevant application software.