For PCs used by business users, it usually takes the IT administrators lots of time to install, maintain and update software and hardware. For example, computer is unstable or infected by virus and needs to re-install and re-configure its operating system and application software. This may take a few hours and the business user can do nothing for his or her work during this process. Even though the PC is restored, no one can ensure all data can be brought back. Thus, the IT administrator is responsible to immediately eliminate the condition while Client has a problem so that users can continue their work and the impact will be minimized.

Examples Benifits
Client PC problems can be resolved shortly. For system problems caused by program error, improper operation, hacker attack or virus infection, system and data can be quickly restored to the previous normal state. Rapid computer maintenance and restoration minimize the possibility to interrupt works. This can efficiently reform the computer environment of each division.
Taking inventory of computer software and hardware assets is easy, but it’s very niggling and time-consuming. Also, human error could happen in this operation. With “Asset Management” function, inventory for software and hardware assets can be quickly taken and a statistics report will be automatically generated. Prevent hardware from being lost or stolen. Be aware of which software should be upgraded and which hardware should be renewed.
Forming online Help Desk by remote management and maintenance functions allows client to request instant online support regardless of geographical limitation. No matter what vital problems on client PC such as Windows crash, system instability, accidental file deletion, file corruption, virus infection and intentional system configuration change, the administrator can fix most of them from the console PC and instantly restore client PC to the previous normal state. Shorten the process and approach for system support and reduce costs of labor, traffic, time and traveling for maintenance works. IT staff can ensure normal operation of enterprise information system through network and information technologies at least cost and time..
When a client PC experiences a problem and requests supports from IT division, the administrator, no matter whether he is inside or outside the company, can connect to it immediately and fix the problem by remote functions such as remote control, file transfer and remote command. Functions such as “system instant recovery”, “image backup/restore” and “NetCopy” can shorten the problem-solving process. Offer various useful module functions to ensure the stability and availability of the computer system.
Managing client PCs on the network centrally can reduce the difficulties of system management. Works such as PC maintenance, asset management, system recovery, etc. can be performed on remote PCs by network and system technologies. The amount of PC supported by each IT staff can be increased and the workload for technical support can be reduced. Allow IT staffs who originally take charge of technical support having spare time and energy to engage in more productive and value-added jobs.
For enterprise users, the dedicated hardware-based backup product is costly and the operation for the software-based backup product is complicated and time consuming. Relatively, “Systurns” can rapidly create a “recovery point” for future recovery purpose or back up the hard disk data as an “image file” for future restoration. Both features can handle unexpected situations very well. Maintenance work for PC security can be accomplished at lowest cost and manpower. Any computer situation can be ruled out quickly.
Even though installing pirated software is strictly prohibited, staffs may still do it just for the sake of temporary convenience. Once subjected to investigation, they may face high fines and liability for criminal violations. For such difficult-to-manage situations, installing “Systurns” can ensure system security without frequently checking the state of each PC. After installed, all you need to do is restart the PC and specify a particular “recovery point”, all illegally installed software and game programs will be gone instantly. When employees use pirated software, the company owner must take corresponding civil and criminal liability for management oversight deficiencies. With the simple recovery function of “Systurns”, the company can prevent employees from committing software piracy and avoid being punished with high