Individual and family user

Feel at ease to use computer

Generally speaking, individual and family users have limited computer knowledge and may do improper operation causing operating system crash, application failure and etc. Family computers are mostly used to surf the web, search information, download files and send/receive email. It’s very possible that the downloaded file or opened email includes virus. For such a potential threat, even installing anti-virus software can only reduce the probability of virus infection, but it can’t guarantee to protect PC against the newest virus. In addition to improper operation and virus threat, users sometimes have bad experiences. For example, they install a program for trial purpose. After installed, system becomes unstable; after that, when they try to remove this program, it can’t be completely removed. Another example is when lending PC to friends or kids; they may install some software without your permission causing downgraded system performance or even accidentally delete documents, emails, pictures, music files or other important files. Whenever PC at home is abnormal, most home users get help from computer experts or PC resellers. Even though the problem can be fixed this way, they would feel very inconvenient.

The main purpose of “Systurns” is to free users from worrying about messing up the PC by improper operation. Under the protection of “Systurns”, users no longer have to worry about PC repairing and virus infection issues while making improper operation, downloading files or opening emails. All they need to do is restart the PC and restore system to the state of a specified recovery point so that the problem can be resolved and the virus can be cleared.