Computer has become an essential tool for working, learning, and entertaining. It is used by people nowadays to browse website, search information, use application, send, and receive e-mail, contact friend and relative and paly on-line game.
Frequent computer users may face the following system failures occasionally. These problems are annoying anddifficult to deal with. They usually need IT expert’s aid to fix. This whole process for problem solving takes time and disturbs users’ work. Besides, it is not guaranteed to get complete data back.

“Systurns” Instant Recovery & Centralized Management Solution provides a complete solution for common PCproblems. It comes with a double-protection mechanism including both “system recovery” and “image backup/restore” functions and can efficiently overcome the problems occurring during operation.

“Systurns” is not only capable to rescue the system from disaster but also has several practical networkedmanagement functions. It’s a system combining maintenance and management functions and enabling the ITadministrator on Console PC to manage and maintain numerous Client PCs. Whenever the computer has a problem, it can rapidly fix it.